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These study guides are intended for use with the associated books by Max Heindel. The guides contain two groups of questions for each chapter in the respective book. The first group of questions for a chapter are questions whose answer may be found somewhere in the chapter. The second group of questions are labeled as "thought questions." The answers to these questions are not given in the chapter, but rather can be answered by relating what was said in the chapter to one's own experience and by using one's creative imagination.

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In using any study guide it is recommended that one first read an entire chapter from the book to get an overall picture of the topic being discussed. Then answer the questions, referring back to the text as needed.

It is hoped that these study guides will help the reader clarify and make more precise the understanding of occult Truths, so that he or she may tread the path with a more certain step.


Study Guides:

Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception

Rosicrucian Mysteries

Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures

Ancient and Modern Initiation

Freemasonry and Catholicism

Gleanings of a Mystic

Letters to Students

Mysteries of the Great Operas

Teachings of an Initiate

Web of Destiny

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